Picture of the artist

I am a watercolour artist. There were 40 years between the time I took my art ‘O’level and the time I took up a paintbrush again. Life didn’t include art, until a weekend in Kendal in 2017 where an artist friend whetted my appetite for creating again with a digital art package. I quickly became frustrated with my limited knowledge of the package and wanted to see real paint on real paper. This led me on an art adventure to where I am today. I love working with watercolour paint letting the paint and water develop their relationship on the paper.

In 2014 I spent six months cycle touring and travelling the coast of Britain with my husband Tony. This was a pivotal moment in our lives. Returning from a life where everything was reduced to the basics of life – eat, sleep, travel – we decided we wanted our life to be pared down and simpler. This led to the decision to buy a narrowboat, travel the waterways in Spring and Summer and live quietly on a marina during the winter months. We achieved this aim in late 2017.

I love to be by the water, whether on the canal or by the sea. The medium of watercolour and its unpredictability mirror the nature of water. This love of water is reflected in my art.

The cycle tour was at turns wonderful, challenging and sometimes difficult, testing my physical and mental limits. The dramatic coastline and landscapes were a constant companion during this adventure. These are the memories that inhabit my Coast collection.

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