How do you view life?

Life and art are about perspective. In life it’s an attitude or way of looking at something, in art it’s about representing three dimensional objects on a two dimensional surface.

You can view things from one perspective.

One point perspective
One point perspective

Take our mooring spot this glorious Easter weekend. Out of the windows on the left side the view is mainly houses, probably supplying some of the hordes of people that walk past every day. You can choose to be irritated by the peering faces, shut the blinds, shut the world out and cocoon yourself away from it all. 

Housing estate
A single perspective

From a second perspective we are moored alongside a popular nature reserve. The view is water, trees, grass and wildlife. Of the constant stream of people walking past the boat, children in particular seem fascinated by us. Maybe because as they walk past they are at eye level with us. 

Two point perspective
Two point perspective

We choose to open the blinds. Peering adults tend to look away embarrassed, children wave and smile as we wave at them, and comment on our tiny kitchen, lounge etc. One child was heard to ask his parents if he could get on and have a look!

A second point of view
An alternative perspective

In art you can add more depth with a three point perspective.

Three point perspective
Adding more depth

In life we choose to open the blinds, engage with the world and enjoy the experiences it affords us.

A third perspective
Getting the full perspective

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