Lockdown Saviour

If you had told me at the beginning of the Covid crisis that a year later I would have sold some of my art and would be collaborating with another artist to turn one of my artworks into stained glass I would have told you that you were mad. I was retired for goodness sake, why did I need to DO anything? 

Several months later lockdown provided the need to very definitely DO something. We would normally have been out travelling the canals from about mid April, filling our days with slow travel, locks, swing bridges and generally having a great time. We did have new neighbours and enough outdoor space to sit and chew the fat and get to know each other in a socially distanced way. But there’s only so much tea and cake you can partake of. 

Empty cake wrapper
That didn’t last long!

Art definitely saved my sanity. I spent more time painting and developing my practice, being encouraged by a retired art teacher on the marina. I also discovered a great online community at www.unitedartspace.org via a free course on Facebook where I learnt to view my art differently. There are no aspirations to be the next Da Vinci but I couldn’t see the harm in dipping my toe in the water of developing around my art practice to grow my online presence and put my art out into the world for people to see. That’s quite a big thing when you have mainly been doing it for yourself, making birthday and Christmas cards and sometimes giving bigger pieces away for the pleasure of it. 

It’s a slow growing plant, gradually increasing my viewer numbers, selling some pieces and finding what I actually want to paint. In the process I have also become a web designer, marketing manager and reacquainted myself with accounts as well as calling myself an artist. There’s no telling where it might go but I’m enjoying the ride so far.

John O Groats
Who knows where I might go!

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